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To Preach Christ And Him Crucified

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To extend the transforming presence of Jesus Christ to the people of Lander and the world.


Our History

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Lander, Wyoming was started in 1974 by the core group: Dr. John and Joyce Harris, Jack and Mary Ann Blackerby, Don and Pat Crook, Joe and Maudie Kenny and others through Donald McNair of RPCES. RPCES later joined the PCA.

The first Ruling Elders were, Dr John Harris, Jack Blackerby, and Don Crook.


Bill McNut came to Lander in 1975 as Organizing Pastor.

Article Abt McNutt


Jim Urish was installed as Pastor in 1978.

Scott MacNaughton was installed as Pastor in 2001

Phil Strong, our current Pastor, was installed in 2009


Early Communication for forming Covenant Presbyterian Church

Dr. John Harris

525 Cliff Street

Lander, Wyoming 82520 


Dear John:


Thank you for your recent telephone call. It was in­deed encouraging to know that the Lord has laid a sense of unanimity on you all as you anticipate what He may do for you. I also am thankful that my time with you and Joyce apparently proved a blessing to you.

You did ask about the finances for the trip. It cost $190.55 round trip. If you are able to cover this or some part of it, we will indeed be thankful


I have begun the process of thinking of how to approach the problem and to whom to turn and, as I suggested on the phone, I'll be back in touch with you before too long.



The Lord bless you. Greetings to your family.


                                  RS in him,


                                  Donald  MacNair

                                  Executive Director






Dear Friends in Christ:                            December 1973


In today's mail I received the first Christmas greeting of 1973 - a Christmas prayer letter from one of our ministers. This made a definite set of impressions on me. First, it was a great blessing to have heard from this family. Second, Christmas really is almost here already!


I would like to use the occasion of this "thank you" letter to express both our sincere appreciation for your gracious gift and to express our prayer that you have a blessed Christmas.


The work of our mission continues to grow. In the near future I expect to be telling you about the exciting developments in Birmingham, Alabama and Lander, Wyoming, among other places, since the Lord apparently is working in these places. Therefore, along with our thanks and Christmas greetings, I want to add praise to God for His goodness to NPM throughout this past year.

May God bless you.


Sincerely yours in Him.


Don MacNair



































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